I am the "Most Dangerous Consumer in America". Google it, write it down and refer to it often.


I am a 50 year old native southerner that wears many hats at work. I enjoy technology, publishing, consumer advocacy and issues, social media, graphic design, photography, 3D graphics, food, politics and golf.

You might be interested in search results for Allen Harkleroad sucks (as in sucks.com protest websites). I wrote the book on building sucks.com protest websites (and how to avoid legal issues).

I have gone "toe to toe" with many of the largest multi-billion dollar companies on the planet, by publicly criticizing their products and services on the Internet. Many times these companies used legal threats, intimidation, and threats of bodily harm in an effort to shut down my blogs, twitter accounts and sucks.com websites.

Unfortunately, for them the scare tactics do not work, as I understand my constitutional first amendment legal right to voice my opinion online and in the real world.

I spend much of my time educating and sharing information with consumers so they can protect themselves from predatory companies, scams and other consumer issues. Your consumer issues are my mine too.

I have a lot of fun doing other things besides helping other consumers. I am very involved in photography and have been since the early 1980's, when I first stepped into a darkroom to develop film. In the last couple of years I found that I have a knack for creating 3D models and textures and I now create 3D models for several websites that I own.

I've written several books on a wide range of topics including consumer, Photoshop, publishing, search engine optimization and even a cookbook. I have several books new planned and will soon be writing and publishing those as well.



"Allen Harkleroad may just be the most dangerous consumer in America for companies that treat people unfairly.  He has a long and distinguished history of sticking it to those who have treated him and others unfairly, be it through his famous or infamous depending on whether your company has been targeted "sucks.com" sites or his experiences in battling some of the largest debt collectors on the planet.

The only thing more surprising than the list of huge opponents he has taken on are the results he consistently achieves with nothing other than hard work and a passion for standing up for what he believes in.  Since unfortunate circumstances made him the target of debt collectors and their attorney's often unfair tactics and lawsuits, Allen has undertaken a crusade against the collectors.

As is his nature, Allen is not content to use his experiences and knowledge to help only himself.  He wants ALL consumers to stand up to these companies and their lawyers.  You can now take advantage of his thousands of hours of research and considerable experience and put it to good use in defending yourself against collections lawsuits.  The book provides clear and practical advice to be used by anyone who is targeted by debt collectors.  It is up to you to put the advice to good use.

The collectors, often the biggest banks in the world, the same ones that the Government gave billions of tax dollars to this year, have unlimited funds to hire lawyers and go after consumers.  Consumer help agencies have great intentions but nowhere near the resources to help all of those in need.

Bottom line is that you as a consumer need to be prepared to stand up and assert your rights to protect yourself.  With Allen on your side you are on the right track." ~ Attorney Chris Gleason, Esq. 


A quote from Allen Harkleroad at Fox Business News




Stick it to Sue Happy Debt Collectors is "THE BOOK" on how to beat debt collectors in court without an attorney.


Stick it to Sue Happy Debt Collectors Book


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Easy Quick and Delicious Recipes Book


Suing Debt Collectors is a guide on catching bad debt collectors and filing suit in court against them.


Suing Abusive Debt Collectors Book